Taking Branding to the Next Level

Roberta Pickens, who recently rejoined Help-U-Sell Real Estate with a franchise office on the Treasure Coast in Hobe Sound, visited the Help-U-Sell headquarters this week in Sarasota with a cool ride that was easy on the eyes.

Roberta had the idea to convert her camper into a billboard for her brand new office and brought it by for us to check out. “I wanted to weave the message of Help-U-Sell savings into the community where I do business,” Roberta explained. “It targets my specific audience and leaves a big impression.”

Our Chief Development Officer, John Powell (L) and Director of Franchise Sales, Dave Patterson (R), took a moment to join Ms. Pickens and check out the work.

Are you taking your Help-U-Sell marketing and branding efforts to the next level? Tell us what you’re doing, and we’ll share it here and on our social media pages. Email: lorriecozzens@helpusell.com

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