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More about Help-U-Sell Real Estate

  1. Help-U-Sell Real Estate begins with a superior offer to home sellers. We go into the market offering a service very similar to what ordinary brokers offer, but we charge a logical set fee (rather than a percentage commission), which can save the seller thousands.
  2. The superior offer enables the Help-U-Sell Real Estate broker to take more than his or her share of listings in the target market. In fact, the superior offer makes taking listings much easier.
  3. More listings means more signs and better marketing, and ultimately the large listing inventory generates a strong flow of buyer (and seller) inquiries into the office.
  4. We capture those inquiries and turn them over to buyer agents who are carefully groomed and trained (via Science to Sales) to convert them into sales. As listings increase, as the flow of leads increases, as we add buyer agents to handle the flow, production snowballs.
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