Planning a Prosperous 2018

If you haven’t formulated your plan for increasing revenue in the upcoming year, it’s not too late to start. We’ve compiled some suggestions to inspire you towards growth and greatness as we surge ahead into the New Year.

Get More Out of Facebook

One of the things Facebook makes easy is the ability to drill down into who you want to reach. Being general is great for your hot new listing. Getting into specifics with age, gender, and zip code can be a boon for reaching young families. Advertising to people who are already connected to your page is helpful for generally cementing your brand.

Using gorgeous, eye catching pictures goes a long way. Of course, if you have video footage (bonus points for aerial shots), even better. Always make sure your contact and landing page information is included in your ad. For Facebook post ideas, refer to our Summer 2017 issue of Reconnect, p.8. 

Lastly, it’s worth it to spend some time getting to know the Facebook Audience Insights tool to give you a concrete sense of who is out there before you start spending your marketing budget money.

Get to Know the Neighbors
Host a house warming for your clients. Research a few themes such as a dessert party, a wine and cheese party, or even a cook out to get an idea of costs. Get the names of the neighbors and guests, and take care of the invitations and RSVPS. The laid back atmosphere of these gatherings is a hotbed for potential leads as you talk with folks in a natural environment, establishing trust, answering questions, and furthering your brand recognition. It is also a fantastic opportunity to take fun, casual photos for your social media pages (and tag who you can). Plus you’ll get the emails of the attendees that you can nurture for future leads.

Stay Visible

An open house is a marketing event and you need to treat it like one. Get your signs out early. Increase your general and directional signage by double. Send emails through the new platform in our OMS system and make sure you post it to all your social media accounts.

Sergio Martinez, Broker/Owner of Help-U-Sell San Antonio Hill Country in Schertz, Texas keeps top of mind with his audience with radio spots on conservative talk shows. While it is expensive, the audience responds well to the message: “What is the difference between selling a $200,000 home and a $500,000 home? About $18,000 in commissions.”

Office Pizza Night (or Tacos!)

At least once a month, order dinner in for the office and have everyone start calling all of your buyer and seller leads. Have them inquire where these folks are in their goals and ask questions to reactivate their interest in working with your team.

Mining Expired Listings

Our top producer for 2017, Steve Vincent of Help-U-Sell® Triad Realty in Greensboro, NC was a rock star by closing 169 sides. With a dedicated office person handling the details of this program, part of his success in effectively implementing an expired listings program was paying attention to the results and adding resources to it. To find out more, go to page 4 of our Summer 2017 Reconnect.

The Automated Arounds Program

The Arounds postcard program is a great “Set it and forget it” tool for getting your word out regardless of who owns the listing. Go into the OMS and choose a post card you like. Personalize it with your information and messaging. Set up your areas of choice. Choose your budget and let it roll! When the budget is met, the postcards cease mailing for the rest of month. If you haven’t seen it yet or just need a refresher, watch this Power Hour episode where our CEO, Robbie Stevens, and Mike Paholke from Excel Printing walk you through every step.

Reach Out and Touch Someone…Twice a Year

The best marketing has always been word of mouth. Whoever thinks enough of you to speak well of you as a business person to another individual is pure gold. You are literally being vouched for with every referral. Cultivate and call your Centers of Influence by reaching out personally twice a year. Even if they don’t have a need for your service at the time, they will remember you when they need you.

Listen and Learn

Every Wednesday at noon EST, our Help-U-Sell coaches, James Dingman and John Powell, are hosting Power Hour, which is consistently bringing informative and helpful topics to the discussion table such as the new Drip Email system in the OMS and tips for Short Term Strategizing. It’s always informative, and frequently energizing with a free flow of questions and ideas from the hosts and participants.

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to James and John. They are happy to help you plan your way to a prosperous 2018.