Help-U-Sell Real Estate Launches in-house Virtual Tour Service

Help-U-Sell's New Virtual Tour Viewer

Help-U-Sell Real Estate continues to be innovative with our new Virtual Tour service. The Virtual Tour service is exclusively available to Help-U-Sell Brokers and Agents. Brokers can access the service via their OMS login. Each listing in the OMS has a Media tab where brokers and agents can upload and manage listing photos, videos and virtual tours. The service is offered at no additional cost to our brokers and agents, and they can do unlimited tours. The tour is a 360 degree view of a room or landscape. Tours can easily be created by taking photos every 30 degrees, then using stitching software available in the OMS to create the panoramic image. This image is then uploaded to the OMS and displayed in the Help-U-Sell Virtual Tour viewer.

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