The Help-U-Sell Cookbook Debuts Next Month

The long-awaited Help-U-Sell cookbook is at the printer! Since the last post about the cookbook, we have added another recipe (and two more pages).

Help-U-Sell Real Estate cookbook cover
The new Help-U-Sell cookbook cover

Each office will receive one complimentary copy of the cookbook. We’ll hand the books out at the Success Summit. Everyone who can’t attend will receive their books in the mail. You will be able to order additional copies through Alexander’s Print Advantage for $12.75 each. The website is

The cookbooks will make great closing gifts, holiday presents and even raffle or silent auction donations. You can also use the books to thank past clients for their testimonials or referrals. The first page of the book has an area where you can write an inscription to the recipient.

Tell us: Who will receive your first cookbook and why?

The Help-U-Sell Cookbook’s Almost Here

The Help-U-Sell cookbook is about to make its debut. Thanks again to all of you who submitted recipes!

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the two-page spreads. We think it turned out beautifully!

Help-U-Sell Real Estate Cookbook
Get an early look at our new cookbook. The full-color book will be available for brokers to order soon.

The book has 76 pages organized into categories from beverages and appetizers and sides to soups and entrees. Of course, just like any good meal, it ends with baked goods and desserts. Brokers can personalize the cookbook on the back cover with a simple mailing-type label. Each office will receive a sample copy. We are working out the details with the printer, but offices will be able to order additional copies at a reasonable price per book. As soon as we have more information, we will provide an update.

The cookbooks will make great marketing tools. Give them to your buyers and sellers when they close on their homes. Keep in touch with former clients by delivering the books as holiday gifts. Thank clients for their testimonials or referrals. Donate a book to a local charity auction or raffle.

Tell us what you think of the design and share with us how you plan to use the cookbooks this fall.

Help-U-Sell Cookbook Update

At last year’s Broker Summit, the idea for a Help-U-Sell cookbook germinated. We have since collected recipes from offices throughout the country, from Pennsylvania to California and Minnesota to Texas. Thank you to everyone who submitted a favorite dish! The final cookbook contains almost 50 recipes in four categories: Appetizers and Side Dishes, Soups, Entrees, and Baked Goods and Desserts.

All the offices whose recipes appear in the book have their contact information in a directory toward the back of the cookbook.

It is now in the early stages of being designed. We plan to have a couple of hard copies to each office early next month. Each office will also receive an electronic version that you can have printed by a local vendor. The cover can be personalized for your office.

The cookbooks will make great housewarming gifts for buyers and sellers, thank-you gifts for testimonials or referrals, or holiday gifts for former clients. How will you use your cookbooks in your marketing plan?