New Map Features and Listing Profile Redesign

The upgrades and redesigns never stop here at Help-U-Sell Real Estate! To help you keep track, here’s a summary of what we’ve just completed and what’s ahead.

Continuing our full-featured map upgrades, we have added links to each property’s popup bubble. Now, visitors can opt to view listing details, contact the listing agent and save the listing right from the popup.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate Map Popup Bubble
The new three links on the map popup bubble.

You may have noticed that a number of MLS listings do not appear on your map. That is because the geocodes, or map coordinates, had not been included with those MLS listings. We are in the process of collecting that information, and within two weeks’ time, we plan to have all of the MLS listings mapped. The other main project that remains for the maps is perfecting functionality where a visitor can drag his mouse across the map and see properties on the newly exposed portion of the map.

Early next week, you will definitely notice a redesign of your listing details pages. We have condensed the information currently displayed on the pages so that less scrolling is required and the page can be easily scanned. A short registration form on the left side of the page will encourage more visitors to turn into leads. We’ve also added a recommendation engine which will suggest similar houses to the one the visitor is viewing.

You can get a sneak peek at the redesign on our Test Office site. Please keep in mind that we are finalizing the design and functionality this week, so this is not the polished and complete version.

Lastly, if you chose one of the background themes for your website, you will notice that we’ve changed the images for Beach, Mountain and Desert.

Please share any feedback or suggestions with us either as a comment on this blog post or via email or a call.

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