New Marketing Tools for Brand Recognition

As the weather gets warmer in most of the country and you hold more open houses and sell more homes, how will you ensure that you’ll stay top of mind after you close the door or the transaction?

Following up via a drip email campaign, phone calls and requests for testimonials, where appropriate, are a few ways. You can also give out useful items that will remind your open house visitors and clients of Help-U-Sell Real Estate every time they need to jot a few notes or have morning coffee.

Our print-on-demand vendor, Alexander’s Print Advantage, has just added a line of promotional items. The Help-U-Sell Real Estate logo can be placed on all of the items, and magnets can be personalized with your contact information. Notepads will also be available for personalization soon.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate travel mug
Help-U-Sell Real Estate promotional marketing tools include a travel mug.

Some ideas for recipient-item pairings:

    * Buyers – tape measures. Buyers need to make sure their furniture will fit in a home’s rooms.
    * Clients who are closing – wine glasses. Toast to the successful sale or purchase.
    * Agents – travel mugs. We hope your agents are always on the go. Reward them and help them reinforce the brand with logo’d travel mugs.
    * Open house visitors – pens. Inexpensive and useful, pens will keep your brand at hand with open house visitors or office guests.

Alexander’s also offers an array of golf ball brands, tote bags, key chains and bottle openers. If there any other items you would like to put the Help-U-Sell logo on, contact us or speak with Alexander’s directly. You can view the entire selection by going to Alexander’s Help-U-Sell site and clicking on Promotions.

While you’re there, take a look at the Holiday Cards, too. We now have cards for seven holidays available, including Memorial Day.

What is your favorite item to give away?

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