Use These Tools: Short Sale Prospecting

By James Dingman

I know, I know:  you hate Short Sales.  They are unpredictable and frustrating to say the least.  But, the reality is almost every REALTOR hates Short Sales . . . and that’s what makes them such a great opportunity. Continue reading “Use These Tools: Short Sale Prospecting”

10 Reasons Why You Should Read Set Fee Blog!

1)      You get up-to-the-minute updates about what’s happening with Help-U-Sell.

2)      You get the benefits of James Dingman’s and guest writers’ years of real estate experience.

3)      High quality information from a reliable source. Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Read Set Fee Blog!”

Protecting Our Mark: Trademark Infringement

By James Dingman

All of us love the Help-U-Sell brand name and its registered Marks.  It communicates a message of Effectiveness and Value to consumers and remains a key to our marketing success.  That’s why it’s serious business when someone uses the Mark without authorization.  Continue reading “Protecting Our Mark: Trademark Infringement”

Coaching for Success at Help-U-Sell®

By Tamara Patzer, Communications Resource

In the first quarter of 2010, more coaching team members will be added to the current roster of Help-U-Sell coaches. This month, Help-U-Sell Connect talked with Help-U-Sell broker, Coach Jack Bailey  in North Carolina. and Coach Ron McCoy in California. Continue reading “Coaching for Success at Help-U-Sell®”

It’s a whole new company: Help-U-Sell®

By Tamara Patzer, Communications Resource

Coaching in at the top of Help-U-Sell’s “to do” list for 2010. In a recent video interview, COO John Powell spoke candidly with CDO James Dingman about the Help-U-Sell® corporate philosophy. “The only thing that remains of the old Help-U-Sell® is the brand,” Powell said. “We’ve got new management, an alliance with Bank of America and Help-U-Sell® is moving forward.” Continue reading “It’s a whole new company: Help-U-Sell®”