What’s coming up in January 2010


January 1

Happy New Year!


Train Tuesday 11 a.m. PST 2 p.m. EST

Jan. 5

Jan. 12

Jan. 19

Jan. 26

Roundtable Wednesday 11 a.m. PST 2 p.m. EST

Jan. 6

Jan. 13

Jan. 20

Jan. 27

Train Thursday 11 a.m. PST 2 p.m. EST

Jan. 7 Business Planning

Jan. 14 Business Planning

Jan. 21 Help-U-Sell University

Jan. 28 Help-U-Sell University

Rallies Dates to be Announced

Watch your emails and join in the Roundtables to find out more about Help-U-Sell Rallies being planned for 2010.

Help-U-Sell Update

By Tamara Patzer, Communications Resource

Coaching in at the top of Help-U-Sell’s “to do” list for 2010. In a recent video interview, COO John Powell spoke candidly with CDO James Dingman about the Help-U-Sell® corporate philosophy. “The only thing that remains of the old Help-U-Sell® is the brand,” Powell said. “We’ve got new management, an alliance with Bank of America and Help-U-Sell® is moving forward.”

In 2009, Help-U-Sell® coaches crisscrossed the United States and visited with Help-U-Sell members at 27 different rallies where all member teams were updated on the latest developments such as the new corporate website, new office management systems (OMS) for reporting, and the development of new broker websites. Look for additional rallies near you starting in January 2010.

 Team approach

“Our language has changed from franchisor/franchisee to CT (coaching team) and MT (member teams),” John explained. “We’ve moved away from the mentality of being a franchiser organization to being a real estate company focused on consumers.” John emphasized that while franchises will be important in the long run, the focus is now on the existing team members. “We are not looking to be the biggest, we’re looking to be the best,” he said. “Our goal for 2010 is, as our owner Ron Westman says, ‘for everybody to be smiling!’”

Bank of America and Help-U-Sell alliance creates opportunities

Our new alliance with Bank of America® is about creating opportunities for all of us.

Bank of America Home Loans
Bank of America Home Loans

First, we have been impressed with Bank of America’s commitment to our shared success.  Continue reading “Bank of America and Help-U-Sell alliance creates opportunities”

Tools to Use: Social Media

If you own a computer and use email, more than likely you have been invited to join some social network. If you haven’t jumped on Mr. Toad’s wild social media ride, it’s time. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and myriad other social sites are where today’s real estate buyers and sellers are socializing. Continue reading “Tools to Use: Social Media”

Elias Klaeb offers sound advice

Elias Klaeb
Elias Klaeb

He’s back! “The grass is not greener on the other side!” exclaims residential specialist Elias Klaeb, who recently returned to the Help-U-Sell family after a brief stint in the world of “ordinary” real estate services. Elias spent 13 years in electronics engineering prior to starting his real estate career in 1990. He discovered the Help-U-Sell difference in 2002 after spending 12 years as a traditional real estate professional. “For seven years, I enjoyed being part of the Help-U-Sell family and the Orange County Coop (as we called it.) I had a good relationship and I participated in all the conventions.” Elias says when the economy faltered he overreacted to the marketplace and left Help-U-Sell, but quickly found out after only three months — 45 days at ReMax and 45 days at Century 21 —  that “my production is dependent on my own efforts!” Happily, Elias has returned to Help-U-Sell South County Realty and is setting his goals for 2010 and beyond. He says, “I plan to increase my business and re-establish market presence in my area.” He offers sound advice about staying the course. “It’s important to stay positive, make a business plan and stick with it.”