Tools to Use: Social Media

If you own a computer and use email, more than likely you have been invited to join some social network. If you haven’t jumped on Mr. Toad’s wild social media ride, it’s time. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and myriad other social sites are where today’s real estate buyers and sellers are socializing. Continue reading “Tools to Use: Social Media”

Elias Klaeb offers sound advice

Elias Klaeb
Elias Klaeb

He’s back! “The grass is not greener on the other side!” exclaims residential specialist Elias Klaeb, who recently returned to the Help-U-Sell family after a brief stint in the world of “ordinary” real estate services. Elias spent 13 years in electronics engineering prior to starting his real estate career in 1990. He discovered the Help-U-Sell difference in 2002 after spending 12 years as a traditional real estate professional. “For seven years, I enjoyed being part of the Help-U-Sell family and the Orange County Coop (as we called it.) I had a good relationship and I participated in all the conventions.” Elias says when the economy faltered he overreacted to the marketplace and left Help-U-Sell, but quickly found out after only three months — 45 days at ReMax and 45 days at Century 21 —  that “my production is dependent on my own efforts!” Happily, Elias has returned to Help-U-Sell South County Realty and is setting his goals for 2010 and beyond. He says, “I plan to increase my business and re-establish market presence in my area.” He offers sound advice about staying the course. “It’s important to stay positive, make a business plan and stick with it.”

Tammy Whitehead is home again

Tammy Whitehead
Tammy Whitehead

“Keep calm and carry on!” is Help-U-Sell broker/owner Tammy Whitehead’s motto. After a three-year absence away from the Help-U-Sell family, Tammy says she’s home again. “In October 2009, I spoke to Ron McCoy and he invited me to a rally in Orange County, Calif. It was like coming home. Everyone was very kind to me and glad to see me. Ron has always been there for me with his support and encouragement. His experience has always been invaluable to me.” In 2006, Tammy sold her Help-U-Sell business to pursue other ventures and to spend more time with her husband, Charles, and their children, Travis and Justin. She originally opened her Help-U-Sell office in March 2000. After less than a year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and worked through all her treatments including after-surgery, chemo and radiation. “During this time,” Tammy says, “Help-U-Sell was very kind and supportive of me and my family. Our office became very successful. We worked hard and gave our clients the best, professional service available.” Tammy is re-energized and says she feels blessed to back. “Help-U-Sell today seems much more personal, they are just an email or telephone call away.” She adds, “All the web information is great and there is so much good information available on the website. I am really impressed and very happy to be back with this great organization.” Looking ahead, Tammy says, “I am looking forward to some normalcy in this market. I think people will once again turn to Help-U-Sell to save them their hard-earned equity. In the next few months, we will establish the office and aggressively pursue both traditional and REO listings as well as help buyers purchase their dream homes.”

Connections from the field

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November 2009

12 Train Thursday – BPO webinar with Maurine Grisso

13-16 2009 Realtors® Conference & Expo in San Diego, CA

17  Help-U-Sell Regional Rally in San Diego, CA

19 Train Thursday –Business Planning for 2010 and Bank of America

25 Talk Wednesday Roundtable

26 Happy Thanksgiving

December 2009

1 Tech Tuesday

2 Talk Wednesday Roundtable

3 Train Thursday Business Plan Training Part II

8 Tech Tuesday webinar

9 Talk Wednesday Roundtable

10 Train Thursday Business TBA

15 Tech Tuesday webinar

16 Talk Wednesday Roundtable

17 Train Thursday TBA

 24 Christmas Eve

25 Christmas Day

31 New Years Eve

January 2010

1 New Years Day

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