Find the Technology Summit manual here!

You can find the Technology Summit manual in the OMS download library. What and where is that,  you ask! Check out James Dingman’s article below. It includes step-by-step instructions and pictures, too.

There is a wonderful (and little used) online resource available to Help-U-Sell brokers.  It’s the Download Library and it’s part of the OMS (Office Managment System).  I keep talking about it but I’ve not been good enough at conveying the wealth of information that is there — so let’s take a look, together. Continue reading “Find the Technology Summit manual here!”

Congratulations to Top Producers for February 2010

The good news is that our Help-U-Sell brokers are closing more and more sides each month. This is a good sign that in some areas the housing marketing is improving. Continue reading “Congratulations to Top Producers for February 2010”

Help-U-Sell® Leads Way with Set Fee Model


Traditional real estate brokers are beginning to see what Help-U-Sell® brokers have known since 1976, selling consumers prefer set fee real estate services and a menu of services. Continue reading “Help-U-Sell® Leads Way with Set Fee Model”

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