Order Your Agent Recruitment Signs

Brokers, tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 21) is the last day to add your order to the agent recruitment signs print run. One of our new vendors, Alexander’s Print Advantage, is offering to print a batch for us at one time to reduce the cost of individual signs. Below is one of the options for the signs.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate Agent Recruitment Sign
This is one of the options for the Help-U-Sell Real Estate agent recruitment signs.

The signs will cost approximately $10 to $12 each if you order during the print run. Individual printings outside of the print run will cost about $20 per sign. You can place your order online at Alexander’s Print Advantage.

Alexander’s also has agent recruitment brochures available to print on demand. We encourage you to order the brochures and at least one sign (they are on offer in two sizes and two color schemes) to assist with your recruitment efforts.

If you have already ordered the signs, please let us know what you think of them and if they’ve garnered any success for you.

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