ProCoach University Preview: Lead Management

We are wrapping up production of the video lessons for ProCoach University, our new online training tool for new and seasoned franchisees. One of the lessons covers lead management and how to effectively convert leads into clients. With the tight inventory situations many markets are facing, it’s more important than ever to cultivate and convert leads, especially seller leads.

The video begins by posing two questions you should know how to answer before starting any marketing campaign:

    * What are you trying to accomplish?
    * How will you measure results?
ProCoach University's Lead Management video lesson
Help-U-Sell Real Estate's ProCoach University video on lead management teaches brokers to start out with clear goals.

Packed into fewer than eight minutes are a list of five things you should know prior to any campaign’s kickoff (current status, where your advertising will appear and why, what it’s costing, what specific results you hope to achieve, what success will look like) and the six moments of truth in the lead management cycle. What are those half dozen revealing junctures? They’re the different phases on your way to converting an inquiry to a closing, and you need to examine each one to uncover any areas where there could be improvement.

The final segment of the video lesson looks at lead management step by step, including documenting your inquiries and keeping your lead records up to date.

Measuring against benchmarks and goals every step of the way from generation to conversion will help you to refine your generation and management system, making it more cost-effective so that you can save clients even more money.

Help-U-Sell brokers, if you would like to have access to ProCoach University, contact us so that we can set up your account. If you’re not a franchisee yet, you can join the Help-U-Sell family for as little as $2,500 in up-front fees and gain access to our online and one-on-one coaching training. Learn more at our Franchise Opportunity Center.

OMS Upgrades – Contacts Module

We’ve improved the office contacts module to make it easier for you to manage your buyers, sellers and other people, such as vendors, whom you communicate with regularly.

The redesigned module allows you to sort by first name, last name, contact type, and email address. This way, you can quickly locate a contact’s information or just see all of your sellers listed together.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate Office Contacts Module
The updated Office Contacts module allows you to sort your contacts and to see what they're subscribed to at a glance.
With the addition of the acronym icons, it is easy to tell at a glance who is subscribed to what services you offer. FTK stands for First to Know, the email alerts buyers receive when new properties that fit the buyers’ criteria come on the market. DEC means Drip Email Campaign. S.LGN is the Sellers’ Login that enables sellers to view some back-end information about their listings and to share documents with you.

By clicking the View button to the right of the icons, you can look at the contact’s more detailed information, including phone number, birthday, listing address (if the contact is a seller), search criteria (if a buyer is signed up for FTK), and drip email campaigns. You are also able to edit or add to contact information from this screen.

Have you tried it out yet? Let us know how you like it and if you have any requests or suggestions for further enhancements.

We’re Gearing Up for Fall

Help-U-Sell Real Estate at the 2012 Realtors Conference & Expo
Help-U-Sell Real Estate at the 2012 Realtors Conference & Expo
It may be only May, but we’re already making plans for our fall tour de force. This year, we’re exhibiting at two state/regional Realtor expos, in addition to our booth at the REALTORS Conference & Expo. Our annual Success Summit, which is free for our franchisees and their agents to attend, will take place in Las Vegas in October.

Here is our itinerary for this fall.

We invite you to join us for one or more of these events. We’ll keep you updated as we have more information. If you are not a franchisee yet, there’s still time to become a member of the Help-U-Sell family and join us for the Success Summit. To speak with us in the meantime or learn more about Help-U-Sell, please contact us or visit our Franchise Opportunity Center website.

[Updated July 11, 2013.]

Top Producers for April 2013

April showered some of our offices with many closed sides, 38 to be exact!

Richard Cricchio of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties
Richard Cricchio broker/co-owner of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties

1) On top again, Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties closed an astounding 17 sides made up of two buyer sides, nine seller sides and three dual-sided transactions.

2) Returning to the top-producers list, Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties in Chino Hills, Calif., finished April with 11 closed sides. Two were buyer sides and nine were seller sides.

3) Help-U-Sell Detwiler Realty, based in Carlisle, Penn., also had double-digit closing numbers. With an even 10 closed sides, three were buyer sides, five were seller sides and one was a dual-sided transaction.

We’d also like to make a special mention of our fourth-place finisher, Alabama’s Help-U-Sell Quad Cities Realty, for closing four buyer sides and four seller sides last month, with six of the eight sides being part of dual-sided transactions. Way to go, Tracy Jacobs and team! Congratulations to all of our top offices for April!

[Figures as of May 7, 2013.]

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