Top Producers 6 Month Report 2022

“It takes two flints to make a fire,” said Louisa May Alcott. Based on the numbers, we should have guessed we’d be expecting “twins” for the Six Month Top Producers Report.

After all, these two eagles are always at the height of hustle and blazing through sales.

Sharing the number one spot is Jack Bailey and his team at Help-U-Sell Greensboro in North Carolina, and  Jeff Hedberg and his team at Help-U-Sell Real Masters in Port Huron, Michigan. Both teams brought in 57 sides each for the six month time frame, and look well on the way to the “100 plus” mark by year end. 

Richard Cricchio of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties

Just a few sides back in the second spot is Richard Cricchio of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties in Hawaii. Richard’s team cleared 52 sides, with the majority of sides coming from sellers who no doubt saved a sea of green on commissions. 

Kimber Regan of Help-U-Sell The Smart Choice in Hanford, California takes third place with 52 sides. Things are supposed to be “slowing down” but not in California and not on Kimber’s watch.

Help-U-Sell Greensboro302757
Help-U-Sell Real Estate Masters362157
Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties371552
Help-U-Sell The Smart Choice311445
Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties28836
Help-U-Sell Heritage Real Estate of Steele County Inc.201434
Help-U-Sell Mike Bowling27734
Help-U-Sell Metropolitan23730
Help-U-Sell Direct Savings Real Estate15621
Help-U-Sell Keystone Realty14519
Help-U-Sell Legacy71118
Help-U-Sell Select Real Estate18018

Meanwhile, on the Gross Sales Volume report…

Richard Cricchio of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties

Richard Cricchio of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties in Hawaii is “Captain Wow”. With an absolutely astonishing lead of over $18 million dollars, our most recurrent eagle on this report brings in over $46 million at the half-year mark. 

Who would doubt that second place would be anyone other than Patrick Wood and the team at Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties in Chino Hills, California? With $28 million at the six-month mark, Patrick’s pocket of California performs as it has for years: perfectly. 

Jack Bailey

Greensboro is only a little over an hour away from Mayberry (aka Mount Airy), but Jack Bailey and his team at Help-U-Sell Greensboro in North Carolina prove their corner of the south is just as sweet of a place to live, closing the half-year with over $17 million in gross sales.

To celebrate the achievemetns of our smaller offices, this list also includes offices whose sales total over $6 million for the half year mark. THAT IS A LOT! Especially in smaller markets and shoe-string markets where some of you are running one and two person shows. You are tremendous.

So, um, wow! Is 2022 really already half over? Place your predictions and bets now for what strange news and twists the market will bring us for Q3 and Q4. Hold on to your hats, we suspect more plot twists!

Office6 Mo. Gross Sales Volume
Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties$46,990,650
Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties$28,965,700
Help-U-Sell Greensboro$17,518,925
Help-U-Sell The Smart Choice$15,687,900
Help-U-Sell South Santa Clara County$12,295,000
Help-U-Sell Real Estate Masters$9,662,250
Help-U-Sell Legacy$8,855,196
Help-U-Sell Mike Bowling$8,703,020
Help-U-Sell Advance Realty$8,157,000
Help-U-Sell Select Real Estate$7,989,800
Help-U-Sell Heritage Real Estate of Steele County Inc.$7,749,555
Help-U-Sell Golden Homes$6,423,000
Help-U-Sell SE Rita Ranch Realty$6,389,550
Help-U-Sell Metropolitan$6,337,700
Help-U-Sell Real Estate Specialists$6,135,751
Help-U-Sell Bakersfield Equity Savers$6,013,000
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