Q1 2022 Top Producers

Leo Tolstoy wrote, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Three months have already started and ended in 2022 and our Top Producers have been as busy as ever making every home sale count before the market changes. The Top Producers are proving to be the warriors of sales.

In a total upset from previous monthly reports for 2022, Jeff Hedberg and his team at Help-U-Sell Real Masters of Port Huron, Michigan, take first place for the Q1 report with 28 total sides. Keeping his team fine-tuned with training is one of Jeff’s keys to productivity and it shows by being a regular face in these reports ever since he joined the Help-U-Sell family.

Second place is a tie between Jack Bailey and his team at Help-U-Sell Greensboro in North Carolina, and Richard Cricchio’s team at Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties in Oahu. Both eagles finish quarter one of 2022 with 23 sides per team. When you consider that the two offices couldn’t be further apart in miles or housing markets, it’s an impressive neck and neck match up.

In third place is Mario Ferrante of Help-U-Sell Metropolitan in Woodhaven, Michigan. Closing 19 sides for Q1, Mario and his team have a habit of quietly amassing sides throughout the year and almost always ending up in our top three places. 

Mike Bowling of Help-U-Sell Mike Bowling in Yuma, Arizona is in fourth place with 18 sides. Mike was at the top of our list for the March report – it’s an easy bet to say we’ll keep seeing more of him in 2022.

Office SellerBuyerTotal 
Help-U-Sell Real Estate Masters20828
Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties17623
Help-U-Sell Greensboro111223
Help-U-Sell Metropolitan13619
Help-U-Sell Mike Bowling12618
Help-U-Sell Heritage Real Estate of Steele County12517
Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties11415
Help-U-Sell The Smart Choice10313
Help-U-Sell Direct Savings Real Estate10313
Help-U-Sell Real Estate Specialists7411
Help-U-Sell Legacy5510
Help-U-Sell Select Real Estate10010

The first Gross Sales Volume report for quarter one does have a surprise! 

Richard Cricchio of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties

But first, FIRST! Which means we find Richard Cricchio of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties of Oahu, Hawaii. “The magic of Hawaii comes from the stillness, the sea, the stars, ” closing the first quarter of the year with $17.2 million in sales is magic, too.

We find Patrick Wood of Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties in Chino Hills, California, in second place with $12.2 million in sales for the first quarter. The epic back and forth between these two offices makes for fun, popcorn worthy cliffhangers. 

Tito Gonzalez of Help-U-Sell South Santa Clara County

Here is our surprise upset! Third place was won by Adalberto “Tito” Gonzalez of Help-U-Sell South Santa Clara County in Morgan Hill, California. Having made the top three in the February report, he makes the Q1 report with $8.8 million.

 We like seeing  different faces in the top three and hope to see more soon! This list includes every office that cleared over three million for the quarter, because a million dollar average per month is always worth congratulating. 

Office Gross Sales Volume
Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties$17,216,400
Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties$12,250,700
Help-U-Sell South Santa Clara County$8,883,000
Help-U-Sell Greensboro$6,845,123
Help-U-Sell Legacy$4,787,196
Help-U-Sell Real Estate Masters$4,610,850
Help-U-Sell Select Real Estate$4,403,200
Help-U-Sell Mike Bowling$4,352,720
Help-U-Sell Real Estate Specialists$4,244,751
Help-U-Sell The Smart Choice$4,136,600
Help-U-Sell Metropolitan$3,772,400
Help-U-Sell Advance Realty$3,772,000
Help-U-Sell Inland Valley$3,405,000
Help-U-Sell Silicon Valley Properties$3,085,000
Help-U-Sell Treasure Coast$3,039,000
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