Help-U-Sell Team Services Liaison Named

Lori WarneloLori Warnelo, Sarasota, has been selected as Help-U-Sell’s first team services liaison. “Lori will be contacting each Help-U-Sell broker across the country about once a month,” explains Chief Development Officer James Dingman. Continue reading “Help-U-Sell Team Services Liaison Named”

Plug In: 8 Ways to Get More From Your Help-U-Sell Relationship!

By James Dingman

As Help-U-Sell team members, we all have an obligation to plug in. It’s on each of our shoulders to take advantage of opportunities to connect with each other, to share ideas and encouragement.  This isn’t always easy.  While there are a handful of metropolitan areas where ‘clumps’ of franchisees are located, many more of our offices are located miles from any other. Continue reading “Plug In: 8 Ways to Get More From Your Help-U-Sell Relationship!”

Need Help with Your Business? Email Recruiting Campaign

By James Dingman

Dan Desmond from Forked River, New Jersey, asked me to work on a drip recruiting campaign to help attract agents to Help-U-Sell offices.  I’ve been fiddling with it for about a month and would like to get your input and ideas before finalizing it in the Download Library.  Continue reading “Need Help with Your Business? Email Recruiting Campaign”

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Use These Tools: Short Sale Prospecting

By James Dingman

I know, I know:  you hate Short Sales.  They are unpredictable and frustrating to say the least.  But, the reality is almost every REALTOR hates Short Sales . . . and that’s what makes them such a great opportunity. Continue reading “Use These Tools: Short Sale Prospecting”

10 Reasons Why You Should Read Set Fee Blog!

1)      You get up-to-the-minute updates about what’s happening with Help-U-Sell.

2)      You get the benefits of James Dingman’s and guest writers’ years of real estate experience.

3)      High quality information from a reliable source. Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Read Set Fee Blog!”

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