New Marketing Co-Op

New co-op postcard for Help-U-Sell Real Estate
Excel Printing & Mailing has two new postcard designs for this month's co-op. Order no later than Jan. 20 to take advantage of the savings.

It’s a new year and time for new EDDM (every door direct mail) postcards. Excel Printing & Mailing has set up a co-op for Help-U-Sell Real Estate franchisees to enable a lower cost per piece. The postcards, with postage and shipping, are only $0.28 each.

The co-op runs from Mon., Jan. 6, through Mon., Jan. 20. There are two new postcards directed toward sellers, and you can customize the message and the contact information, as well as the Sold & Saved and Testimonials.

Once you’ve logged into Excel’s site, you will click on Office Co-Op to see the designs, customize them and place your order.

Be sure to order enough postcards for the next three months. The next co-op for EDDMs will start on Apr. 7, 2014.

New Marketing Materials Unveiled at Success Summit 2013

At last week’s Success Summit in Las Vegas, Mike Paholke of Excel Printing and Mailing unveiled new marketing materials, including door hangers.

Melding old school with new technology, two of the three door hanger designs have QR codes that link directly to a lead-capture form on the broker’s website. One is for the free home evaluation, and the other goes to the Market Sketch registration page.

Excel has also introduced refreshed jumbo and standard Just Listed and Just Sold postcards that reflect the new branding. Like the door hangers, two of the three designs have QR codes for lead capture.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate's new marketing materials from Excel Printing and Mailing
Help-U-Sell Real Estate's new marketing materials from Excel Printing and Mailing include door hangers and jumbo postcards.

Alexander’s Print Advantage, our print-on-demand vendor, has created new options for the reverse side of the business cards, along with new handout cards. All of the designs incorporate the refreshed look and feel of the postcards and door hangers.

Brokers and agents can order the new pieces directly from Excel and Alexander’s. Excel is running a special co-op on the door hangers now through Nov. 8. Order before next Friday and save. Additional co-op opportunities will run next year. These are great ways to make the most of your marketing budget.

Let us know if you’ve taken advantage of Excel’s co-ops before. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Recruiting, Help-U-Sell Real Estate Style

At Help-U-Sell Real Estate, we don’t recruit agents to help grow our business. We recruit agents to help us take care of the business we have created. That means our recruitment is much more strategic than most traditional brokerages.

To assist our brokers in their recruitment efforts, we’ve created a new campaign, which includes a drip email, a poster/flyer and a postcard.

All of these contain bullet-pointed benefits of joining Help-U-Sell Real Estate, a photo of an agent in one of our offices, and her testimonial.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate Recruitment Poster
Help-U-Sell Real Estate's new recruitment poster can be customized with your office contact information.

You can find the postcard (coming soon) and poster on Alexander’s Print Advantage’s website under Recruitment, and the drip email in OMS. We also have recruitment signs and a brochure, as well as other recruitment drip emails.

Send out the drip email to agents from other brokerages or who you meet while networking. Hang the poster in your office and on community bulletin boards at coffee shops. Mail the postcard to agents in your area in addition to, or instead of, the drip email.

When will you be ready to recruit? The general rule of thumb for when to start hiring agents is when you are averaging three to four closed sides per month. Who should your targets be? Newly licensed agents and young, disillusioned agents often make the best candidates. For more about recruiting the Help-U-Sell Real Estate way, watch the University video “Hiring Buyer Agents.” It’s Lesson 1 in Module 6.

How have you successfully recruited agents in the past? Share your advice with us.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate Develops Real-Time Market Statistics Tool

Help-U-Sell Real Estate has launched a new tool that provides home buyers and sellers real-time information about their local real estate markets.

Called Market Sketch, the tool uses local Multiple Listing Service data to display statistics such as median list prices, average square footage, days on market, and total inventory for the selected city. Users can also choose to view statistics by property type, including land, multifamily and single-family. Once enough data have been collected, users will be able to customize the time frame. Charts compare the number of properties sold per month and the median price per square foot, among other facts.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate's new Market Sketch statistics tool
Help-U-Sell Real Estate's new Market Sketch tool displays real-time local real estate information, including days on market and total inventory.

In addition to graphs and charts, written sections explain the status of the local real estate market. Brokers can personalize certain elements, and the office’s contact information is included.

Brokers will be able to send the information to their buyers and sellers via a direct link, and users can register to receive their local Market Sketch via a monthly email. If the broker wishes to use Market Sketch as a lead-generation registration tool, he or she can opt to require registration before a user can view the most recent statistics.

The broker’s current listings are displayed in the right-hand column to encourage users to browse properties for sale. Dynamic interest rate charts, and daily mortgage and interest rate news show up below the current listings.

See an example of Market Sketch on Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties’ site.

Help-U-Sell University Preview: Handling Objections

One of the challenges real estate professionals have to face (and ideally overcome) every day is objections from potential clients.

In another video lesson from our training program, Help-U-Sell University, we dissect potential objections and what they really mean so that our brokers and agents can respond. You won’t find a memorized sales pitch that will magically help you “win” the client. Your client is your partner, not someone to defeat. Most objections are really requests for more information in disguise. The best response to any concern is truth as you observed it in your career.

Help-U-Sell University Objections video lesson
Help-U-Sell University's video lesson on handling objections advises to respond to client concerns with truth, research, data and your experience, not a canned script.

The video reviews possible objections to expect and how to be prepared with statistics or solutions. It also suggests a key phrase to use to tap into the reason for a client’s objection. It’s simply “help me understand…”

Before your next listing presentation or buyer consultation, write down the most common objections you’ve heard and come up with factual information you can use to help your client make a better decision.

Help-U-Sell brokers, if you would like to have access to Help-U-Sell University, contact us so that we can set up your account. If you’re not a franchisee yet, you can join the Help-U-Sell family for as little as $2,500 in up-front fees and gain access to our online and one-on-one coaching training. Learn more at our Franchise Opportunity Center.

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