LEGAL: Errors and Omissions Coverage

Have your checked your errors and omissions policies lately? Remember, as a Help-U-Sell® franchisee, you are required to have ongoing and current Errors and Omissions coverage. You must submit certified copies of your E & O policies to Help-U-Sell® Corporate in Sarasota, Florida. Continue reading “LEGAL: Errors and Omissions Coverage”

Michelle Morgan: ‘Work Harder! The Business Has Changed!’


Michelle MorganMichelle Morgan of Help-U-Sell® Real Estate Specialists in Lake Havasu, Arizona, operates with a staff of two, which includes a buyer/seller agent and an office manager. Continue reading “Michelle Morgan: ‘Work Harder! The Business Has Changed!’”

Karen Detwiler: Think Outside the Box!

Karen DetwilerKaren Detwiler of Help-U-Sell Detwiler Realty in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was in the top producers circle in November and December.


Karen says she is seeing several trends in the Carlisle-marketplace. Continue reading “Karen Detwiler: Think Outside the Box!”

Congratulations to January 2010 Top Producers!

Congratulations to January 2010 Top Producers!

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