Connections from the Field

Help-U-Sell brokers and their offices are working hard across the country. This month, we are highlighting now many of our team members are using technology and training to increase their business. Continue reading “Connections from the Field”

Plug In: 8 Ways to Get More From Your Help-U-Sell Relationship!

By James Dingman

As Help-U-Sell team members, we all have an obligation to plug in. It’s on each of our shoulders to take advantage of opportunities to connect with each other, to share ideas and encouragement.  This isn’t always easy.  While there are a handful of metropolitan areas where ‘clumps’ of franchisees are located, many more of our offices are located miles from any other. Continue reading “Plug In: 8 Ways to Get More From Your Help-U-Sell Relationship!”

Coaching for Success at Help-U-Sell®

By Tamara Patzer, Communications Resource

In the first quarter of 2010, more coaching team members will be added to the current roster of Help-U-Sell coaches. This month, Help-U-Sell Connect talked with Help-U-Sell broker, Coach Jack Bailey  in North Carolina. and Coach Ron McCoy in California. Continue reading “Coaching for Success at Help-U-Sell®”

Tools to Use: Building “brand” awareness (you are your BRAND.)

By Tamara Patzer, Help-U-Sell Communications Resource

Tamara Patzer
Tamara Patzer

Last month, we talked about why social media is a useful as a tool to Help-U-Sell Realtors. Now, it’s important to learn how to use social media tools for branding purposes. Continue reading “Tools to Use: Building “brand” awareness (you are your BRAND.)”

Help-U-Sell Update

By Tamara Patzer, Communications Resource

Coaching in at the top of Help-U-Sell’s “to do” list for 2010. In a recent video interview, COO John Powell spoke candidly with CDO James Dingman about the Help-U-Sell® corporate philosophy. “The only thing that remains of the old Help-U-Sell® is the brand,” Powell said. “We’ve got new management, an alliance with Bank of America and Help-U-Sell® is moving forward.”

In 2009, Help-U-Sell® coaches crisscrossed the United States and visited with Help-U-Sell members at 27 different rallies where all member teams were updated on the latest developments such as the new corporate website, new office management systems (OMS) for reporting, and the development of new broker websites. Look for additional rallies near you starting in January 2010.

 Team approach

“Our language has changed from franchisor/franchisee to CT (coaching team) and MT (member teams),” John explained. “We’ve moved away from the mentality of being a franchiser organization to being a real estate company focused on consumers.” John emphasized that while franchises will be important in the long run, the focus is now on the existing team members. “We are not looking to be the biggest, we’re looking to be the best,” he said. “Our goal for 2010 is, as our owner Ron Westman says, ‘for everybody to be smiling!’”