Sold and Saved Banners Added to Broker Websites

During our annual Help-U-Sell Success Summit, several brokers requested we add a Sold and Saved $x,xxx banner to all Sold listings on the broker websites.

Last week, we worked on this feature and launched it over the weekend. You will now have the option to show either a Sold banner on your sold listings, or the Sold and Saved $x,xxx banner.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate Sold and Saved Banner
By request from some of our brokers at this month's Success Summit, we've added Sold and Saved banners to the broker websites.

We calculate the dollar savings by taking the amount you reported on the listing side of the transaction (if you represented the seller only), add 3% for the selling side, then compare the savings to a 6% commission. If you represented both the seller and the buyer, we take what you reported on both the listings and selling sides and compare it to a 6% commission.

We also are aware that in some cases, such as REOs, you may receive a full 6% on the transaction and therefore have $0 savings. To account for this, we will only display the Sold and Saved banner when the savings exceed $1,000. When the savings are below $1,000, we will only display the Sold banner.

We look forward to your feedback on this new feature. We also want to thank the brokers who participated at this year’s Success Summit and came up with this and several other great initiatives.


What We’re Thankful For in 2012

Help-U-Sell Real Estate at Realtors Conference & Expo
We at the Help-U-Sell home office wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
This Thursday is when we give thanks for everything good in our lives and sit down to a huge feast. We’re starting the gratitude part a couple of days early. There’s so much for Help-U-Sell to be thankful for in 2012!

Here are just a few items on our list:

    Our enthusiastic new franchisees
    Long-standing and loyal members of the Help-U-Sell family
    The safety of our franchisees who were in the path of Sandy
    The ability to connect with all of you on a regular basis and especially at our annual Success Summit
    The improving housing market
    Our bright future and exciting plans for 2013

What will you give thanks for on Thursday? Share with us in the comments. And, happy Thanksgiving!

Help-U-Sell Success Summit 2012

We’re just back from the 2012 Help-U-Sell Success Summit, and the REALTORS Conference & Expo leading up to it. By all accounts, both were a great success! We loved seeing our brokers from all over the country. Several of them (Kim and Mike Zelena, Leigh Anne Losh, Kyna Baehr, and Walt Hippauf) drove hundreds of miles to be with us in Orlando.

Thank you to everyone who spent time at our expo booth. Your testimonials to prospective franchisees are more powerful than just about anything we can say to them or show them. A special thank-you to Dan Desmond, who made the trek from storm-damaged New Jersey to help out at the Expo and to attend the Summit.

We hope all who attended the Success Summit got some great takeaways. The hands-on approach and interactive discussions about OMS and website requests and your fee structures taught us, too. We also talked about partnering with a wonderful charity that gives food to the hungry and about adding a potential vendor to our program. As we get closer to finalizing those partnerships, we will keep you informed.

Those of you who couldn’t make it this year, please mark your calendars and start saving now for the 2013 events in San Francisco. The NAR dates are Nov. 8-11, and we will have our Success Summit immediately following. We’ll provide more information in the months to come.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few photos from the Expo and the Success Summit.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate's booth at the Realtors Expo
Help-U-Sell Real Estate's booth at the Realtors Conference & Expo in Orlando

Chris, Dee and Kendra working the Help-U-Sell booth at NAR
Chris, Dee and Kendra working the Help-U-Sell Real Estate booth at the Realtors Conference & Expo

Tracy Jacobs of Help-U-Sell Quad Cities Realty
Tracy Jacobs of Help-U-Sell Quad Cities Realty takes notes during the Success Summit.

Help-U-Sell Success Summit
Ron McCoy teaching about Instagram during the Help-U-Sell Success Summit

Top Producers for October 2012

October was anything but scary for our top-producing offices. They closed a total of 39 sides!

1) Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties continues its reign with 11 closed sides, seven seller and four buyer.
2) Help-U-Sell Galleria, out of Tucson, finished the month a close second with 10 closed sides. The breakdown was two seller sides, six buyer sides and one dual-sided transaction.
3) San Diego’s Help-U-Sell Distinctive Homes makes the list with nine closed sides, six seller, one buyer and one dual-sided transaction.
3) Tied for third place, Help-U-Sell Hometown Realty in York, Penn., closed three seller sides, two buyer sides and two dual-sided transactions.

Two of our offices also closed on $1 million homes in October. Special congratulations to Help-U-Sell Foothills and Help-U-Sell Vantage Realty!

Great job, everyone!

[Figures as of Nov. 6, 2012.]

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