What We’re Thankful For in 2012

Help-U-Sell Real Estate at Realtors Conference & Expo
We at the Help-U-Sell home office wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
This Thursday is when we give thanks for everything good in our lives and sit down to a huge feast. We’re starting the gratitude part a couple of days early. There’s so much for Help-U-Sell to be thankful for in 2012!

Here are just a few items on our list:

    Our enthusiastic new franchisees
    Long-standing and loyal members of the Help-U-Sell family
    The safety of our franchisees who were in the path of Sandy
    The ability to connect with all of you on a regular basis and especially at our annual Success Summit
    The improving housing market
    Our bright future and exciting plans for 2013

What will you give thanks for on Thursday? Share with us in the comments. And, happy Thanksgiving!

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