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By Tamara Patzer, Communications Resource

 Check out Meena Gujral’s use of Trulia.com

MeenagrjralMeena Gujral, Help-U-Sell® Achievers Realty in Fremont, California, is having good luck using Trulia.com for buyer lead generation by using the free Trulia blog and Q and A sites. She is promoting her services by providing useful information to potential clients as an expert about real estate related issues in her local areas. Not only does this help her customer base, but it increases referrals from Meena’s real estate peers.

Why this works!

The question is “Why does this work for Meena?” Look at Meena’s answers to questions about her area. She answers each one with a well-thought out reply, while at the same time she presents all the benefits of using her as an agent. With the days of shouting “I’m No. 1″ are behind us, Meena says, “It’s important not to promote your company or your services too much in your blog.” Use it to talk about yourself, Help-U-Sell® services, awards and other personal highlights.

Complete Profile

Meena’s profile on Trulia.com is richly detailed and inviting to read. This is an example of a good way to fill out profile information. She has included very detailed information about herself and includes a professional photo. Visit the site and see how many other “professionals” neglect to include detailed profile information and a photo. Be sure to read Trulia’s guidelines.

Views equal potential clients

Typically, Meena’s blog postings get between 50-100 views. With the most views for her headline: “Should I sell my home now or wait until spring 2010?” This tells us that many sellers have this question. Think about Meena’s blog post as a mini poll – if 70 people are interested in it in Fremont, it can mathematically represent about 1 in 1,000 people are thinking about the same question or about 70,000 people (potential sellers) are wondering should I sell now or not?

Meena says, “I get qualified buyers from Trulia. When people contact me, they are ready to buy.”

Set up an email drip campaign for each lead generated with your Trulia site. “You need to keep in contact with your leads on a regular basis,” she adds.

One thought on “Look what’s working!”

  1. Using Blogs can be a great tool for generating website traffic. Each topic gets its own page with its own key words, url and title. Last week we did a Tech Time Tuesday call on using Blogs. We will talk more about blogs next year. In the meantime, search for some real estate blogs – sign up, and get talkin!

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