Coaching for Success at Help-U-Sell®

By Tamara Patzer, Communications Resource

In the first quarter of 2010, more coaching team members will be added to the current roster of Help-U-Sell coaches. This month, Help-U-Sell Connect talked with Help-U-Sell broker, Coach Jack Bailey  in North Carolina. and Coach Ron McCoy in California.




Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey


“Coaching can make the difference between being in business and not being in business,” explains twenty-year veteran Help-U-Sell broker Jack Bailey. A former financial advisor, not only does Jack sell real estate, he helps his clients get out of debt through real estate



Coach Ron McCoy


Ron McCoy
Ron McCoy

has been helping team members become successful for more than 10 years. He is well known as the host/moderator for most of Help-U-Sell’s training programs held weekly on Tech Tuesday, Roundtable Wednesday and Train Thursday.


Production and Profits!

While the emphasis on training in not new for Help-U-Sell®, team members can expect weekly training and coaching sessions during 2010 to focus on helping them to achieve two major things: increased production and increased profitability!

Both Jack and Ron agree their role as coaches helps team members focus on activities that increase business and skill building with accountability.

“Our coaching goals are aimed at production and profitability,” Ron says. “We do activities to work ‘on’ your business, not just ‘in” you business.”

Coaching topics range from day-to-day operations, best business models, and marketing to individual advice about deals. “We are at our team members’ disposal,” offers Jack, who explains that not only do Help-U-Sell team members get group coaching; they also get private coaching on a one-to-one basis as needed. “One of the best things we do,” says Jack, “is role playing. We go through dialogue and practice until it’s second nature.”

Do it the Help-U-Sell Way

Kimberly Zelena, owner of Help U Sell United Real Estate LLC, Verona, VA, is coached by Jack Bailey. “I can attribute our increase in business directly to Jack’s coaching,” says Kimberly, whose office has increased closings by 35 percent over last year. “We’re progressing,” Kimberly says. “Jack offers the right combination of step-by-step guidance and explains the ‘whys and hows’ of the Help-U-Sell way.” She says that not only has she benefited from weekly coaching, but her entire office uses the techniques Jack teaches. Her advice to other Help-U-Sell team members is to be open to Jack’s expertise. “You have to be open-minded and listen to your coach. You need to leave behind your traditional beliefs about doing business and do what your coach says to do and when he says to do it.”

Commit one hour a week

A typical coaching session is about one hour long, once a week. Each member of the team is expected to commit to that hour and to participate during the call, to act on their chosen goals and to hold themselves accountable for achieving them.

“The group call allows us to share suggestions, get feedback and offer encouragement to our fellow Help-U-Sell brokers,” Ron says. The group coaching call has a synergistic effect that enhances the experience for everyone.

Both Jack and Ron agree that a good coaching candidate is a person who is willing to invest time in their business for success. “Equally,” Ron says, “They must make the weekly call a priority and they must participate. Follow through (accountability) is important to the plan. The key to being coached is commitment!”

Get set, Goal!

Robin Rowland of Golden Hills Realty has been part of the coaching program with Ron McCoy since its inception. “Ron has helped me identify my goals and the activities I need to reach those goals. Talking with Ron is always a very creative and collaborative process!”

Ron starts new team members with one-to-one coaching and eventually they become part of a larger group. “Ron helps us focus our individual goals, while at the same time we discuss things that are important to all of our businesses,” Robin explains. “It’s really nice to hear what other folks are doing out there. I like learning how others handle challenges and how they are successful.”


Jack and Ron keep their team members accountable by helping each person determine their weekly goals for working “on” their business. Activities that drive business can include simple things such as making phone calls, writing note cards or even baking cookies. On a larger scale, coaches help with both short- and long-range business planning and help individual offices find the right business model for serving different market areas.

Bright Ideas

Group coaching sessions are also a forum for sharing bright ideas! Mikki Hart of Help-U-Sell Amarillo told her coaching group that she and her children had spent a recent weekend baking cookies to deliver to local businesses. “We’ll don our Santa hats and Elf ears and pop in to about 140 businesses in the next week.” Mikki says she typically stops by 30 “places of employment” each month to drop off a small token of thanks. Recently, Mikki delivered some inexpensive flashlights with her business card and attached tags that said, “You light up my life!”

Business Planning for 2010

Ron offers this advice for developing your business plan for 2010. “Think of your business as a wind-up toy. When you set goals and write your business plan, you are winding up your business and getting ready to let it go in 2010!”

A final word on coaching, “If you do these activities, they will produce results for you!” exclaims Ron.

Both Jack and Ron have some openings in their group coaching roster, so if you’d like to start your personal coaching program, contact Ron McCoy or Jack Bailey. Coaching is part of the value added services offered by Help-U-Sell® to its members at no additional charge.

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  1. Tami,
    This looks really good. You did a good job. I like the idea about Coaching instead of Managing. Coaching – Working with someone to make them better. Managing is like a control situation. Anyway, I think you found your nitch.

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