National real estate search application created by Help-U-Sell®


Help-U-Sell® Real Estate Search is now available at Google Maps. The free Help-U-Sell® Real Estate Search application allows users to find and locate Help-U-Sell® listings in any location in the United States.

“The Help-U-Sell® Real Estate Search application is just the beginning of free custom tools designed to help homebuyers,” said John Powell, Chief Operating Officer for Help-U-Sell® Real Estate.


To find the Help-U-Sell® Real Estate Search, go to, maps, select my maps, browse directory, and type in “Help-U-Sell Real Estate Search,” click add. To start browsing listing by location. Type in the city and state or zip code to find Help-U-Sell® real estate listings across the United States.

In the past year, Help-U-Sell® has developed propriety websites that allow for intelligent searches by consumers. “We built an intelligent search, so consumers can type in what type of property they want and get complete results with a map and listing information,” said Tech VP Robert Stevens. “We have also developed smart phone mobile applications, so consumers can access Help-U-Sell® website listings via their phones.”

Since 1976, Help-U-Sell® Real Estate has been America’s premier provider of professional real estate services empowering consumers with access to information and choice, while offering a set-fee alternative to paying traditional broker commissions.

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