Veteran Help-U-Sell Broker Offers Great Insight

With the housing market feeling the pain of low inventory in these recent weeks, one Help-U-Sell Broker has managed to thrive during this tumultuous time. Ms. Maurine Grisso, our most tenured owner, has helmed the Help-U-Sell Santa Rosa real estate office for over 35 years.

When asked what she was doing to keep listings coming, she shared some information that revolves around a familiar theme to brokers: keeping in touch.

“The truth is,” Ms. Grisso said, “over 35 years I have sold a lot of homes. 60-70% of my sales are from repeat customers. Whether I sold them a house six months ago or two years ago, I call and check in with them to see how they are doing or how they like the place they bought. Often times, they inform me of another listing and would I handle it for them? Of course!”

While some of her success is attributed to working the phones, other times it is intuition: “I drove by this one house every day for the last 15 years. Recently I called and inquired about it, and got that listing,” Maurine added.

When asked how Help-U-Sell has contributed to her success, Maurine replied, “I love Help-U-Sell, it’s great. One of the reasons it works is because it’s collaborative between all of the parties involved. The Help-U-Sell Model provides flexibility to close the deal and make selling the home a win-win for everyone.”

Other great tips from Maurine:

  • “Listen to people and give them what they want. It is the reason why you are there.”
  • “Cultivate your good reviews on places such as Zillow and I just closed this morning on a deal with a gentleman from Nevada who found me via public review.”
  • “I stay on top of and work sellers with notes, but will also thank buyers that were not my clients because buying and selling a home can be a difficult process.”
  • “Get the names and numbers of the neighbors surrounding your new listing. “
  • Facebook reported my posts are doing better than some other business posts in my area. I hold contests on Facebook. I also have my MLS listings tied to my Help-U-Sell Facebook as well.”

You can reach Maurine’s office or (707) 575-4444.

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