Bank of America and Help-U-Sell alliance creates opportunities

Our new alliance with Bank of America® is about creating opportunities for all of us.

Bank of America Home Loans
Bank of America Home Loans

First, we have been impressed with Bank of America’s commitment to our shared success.  They are dedicated to help create not only homeowners, but successful homeowners. They do that by staying focused on the needs of consumers: 

  • Empowering home buyers.  A goal at Bank of America is to provide successful homeownership and responsible lending by committing to home loan experience that is honest, tailored to the individual and transparent. They help buyers understand all of their options helping them zero in on the right loan.
  • Lending responsibly. They’re working hard to provide home loans that are clear and easy to understand, and that enable customers to make smart, informed purchasing decisions.  They want to ensure that qualified buyers choose the loan that’s right for them. Their new ClarityCommitment™ document is an example of their efforts to demystify the lending process with a simple, one-page summary written in plain language so that borrowers understand what they’re getting.  We encourage you to talk with your Bank of America Mortgage Loan Officer to see the details.

 Bank of America is also focused on providing resources for Broker/Owners. Through Bank of America’s Strategic Business Alliances, there are a wide range of alliance options to choose from to help your business including:

Space Rental Agreement – With a Space Rental Agreement, a Bank of America Home Loans mortgage loan officer is located in your office, working side by side with you to offer your clients mortgages, loan processing and closing services.  With a space rental agreement, Bank of America Home Loans will:

  • Pay your business a monthly rental fee for office space, with no up-front investment from you
  • Provide your customers with on site mortgage assistance and loan services to lead your customers from meeting to closing
  • Work with you to identify the mortgage loan officer who would best fit your company’s style, culture and staff

 Real estate is a people business, and the personal relationships that a Space Rental Agreement creates can result in great dividends to your business.

 Marketing Service Agreement – The Marketing Service Agreement would pay you a flat monthly fee for marketing Bank of America as Help-U-Sell’s mortgage lender of choice in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Displaying Bank of America Home Loans signage and collateral at your office and at homes for sale
  • Inclusion of the On-Line Mortgage Center on an your website
  • Co-branded advertising in magazines, newspapers and newsletters
  • Participation in both customer-facing and business partner-facing seminars, events, educational programs and sales meetings

Again, we encourage you to call your Bank of America Mortgage Loan Office today to find out how these programs might be right for your business.

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