Just in Case You Missed It… Tech Summit 2010 Documents Online


The Help-U-Sell 2010 Tech Summits in Sarasota and Las Vegas are history, but the newly created websites are ready for everyone.

1) NEW WEBSITES ‑ If you were unable to attend the Tech Summit, you can access your newly created broker website at your officename.helpusellbeta.com.

(Use your official Help-U-Sell office name  dot, helpusellbeta dot com)


For example:




2) DOWNLOAD ­- To download the 2010 Tech Summit Documents, which include “How-to” materials for your new website including how to use the OMS (Office Management System) go to the OMS site and log in using your regular OMS Login name and Pin.


3) PRINT ‑ It is a good idea to print out the material and store it in a three-ring binder, if you would like to keep it near your desk for easy reference. New material will be added to the download library as additional information is made available for this “living” document.


4) TRAIN ‑ Ongoing training will be available from 11 a.m. (PST) to Noon (PST) every Tuesday during Tech Time Tuesday with Robbie Stevens. Sign up to get Tech Time Tuesday reminders via email. Email Robbie at robertstevens@helpusell.com.


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