Top Producers for December

Just because the holidays were in full effect, that didn’t slow down our busy Broker/Owners a bit.

Mario Ferrante of  Help-U-Sell Metropolitan of Woodhaven, Michigan claims December for his office with 16 sides.

Matt Kellam, broker/owner of Help-U-Sell Keystone Realty

We are excited to see a new name in second place. Matt and Tara Kellam of Help-U-Sell Keystone Realty in Chambersburg, PA had a tremendous month with 11 sides. With eight of those sides being sellers, we wonder if there were folks who just couldn’t handle one more winter!

Congratulations of a different kind are in order for David Bartels. In addition to his office, Help-U-Sell Full Service Realty, placing third (in a tie) with 8 sides, he recently tied the knot with his lovely bride! Warm wishes for a long and happy life together, David.

Richard Cricchio with Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties also ties for third place.

Also notable, is the five-way tie closing out the list for December, proof that December is a great time to sell.

OfficeBuyerSellerTotal Sides
Help-U-Sell Metropolitan61016
Help-U-Sell Keystone Realty3811
Help-U-Sell Direct Savings Real Estate448
Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties88
Help-U-Sell Detwiler Realty257
Help-U-Sell Greensboro347
Help-U-Sell Federal City Realty426
Help-U-Sell Central Properties325
Help-U-Sell Folsom235
Help-U-Sell Golden Homes235
Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties145
Help-U-Sell Select Real Estate145

For the Gross Sales Volume list, we almost always expect to see Richard Cricchio and his hardworking team, Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties, closing December at $4.7 million for the month.

Marc Dosik, with his Washington, DC office, Help-U-Sell Federal City Realty comes in second place at $2.9 million.

Patrick Wood and the Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties team remain in the top 3 of this list by closing $2.8 million.

Congratulations to everyone for a great December closing.

Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties $     4,780,000
Help-U-Sell Federal City Realty $     2,986,900
Help-U-Sell Prestige Properties $     2,881,000
Help-U-Sell Golden Homes $     1,842,500
Help-U-Sell Keystone Realty $     1,762,350
Help-U-Sell Folsom $     1,716,000
Help-U-Sell Direct Savings Real Estate $     1,657,000
Help-U-Sell Central Properties $     1,594,285
Help-U-Sell Select Real Estate $     1,558,500
Help-U-Sell Greensboro $     1,554,190

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