Seven Ideas to Use for Your Blog Posts

By Tamara Patzer

Education. “How to” blogs are always hot. In real estate, the topics are endless. You know many things about real estate in your local market.

Share it.

Here are seven ways to get started today.

Use Lists. 10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale; 20 Ways to Stage Your Home to Sell It Fast!; Top 10 Ways to Get a Higher Price for Your Home.

Generate Interest.

People want to know what to do when buying and selling real estate and they also want to know what NOT to do. You can instill a little fear (deep emotion) into your headline.

Five things NOT to say to your prospective buyer; Will Your Open House Be a Bomb or Blast? Why 6 Percent Commissions Don’t Make Sense.

Call To Action. Tell people exactly how to respond.

For example: How to get an offer at your open house.

30 Days to Sold: An action plan to use in today’s market.

How to Stage Your Home to Sell Fast.

Tell your Secrets.

The Secret of Painless Closings.

How to Navigate the Short Sale.

The Secret Foreclosure Process Revealed.

Secrets of Zero Down Financing

Be Funny (if it’s your personality)

Find crazy laws in your market area, state or country.

Share funny stories.

Be the Local Reporter.

Write about local happenings.

Calendar of Events

Places to Go

Your favorite things about …

Be the Local Guide. Help others and they will help you!

Interview business people in your market area. Take pictures and write a little review of their business. For example, write about a little jewelry boutique right before Valentine’s Day and suggest why you like what they offer.


Free blog hosting sites

(Find your free blog site and follow directions.) (for real estate people)

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