New HAFA short sale rules: Use your regular Train Thursday webinar login

Maurine Grisso will turn over her Train Thursday to Attorney Lance Churchhill at the 11 a.m. PST Train Thursday event April 22. Just log on using your normal Train Thursday (University) login.

This is an exceptional training opportunity for Help-U-Sell brokers who want to be prepared for the next wave.

The NEW HAFA Short Sale Rules for 2010



One of the nation’s leading Short Sale Instructors, Attorney Lance Churchill, will be presenting the 2010 Short Sale Playbook Webinar, which will cover all the new HAFA Rules!


2010 Short Sale Playbook Webinar

April 22 – 11am-12pm Pacific,

12pm-1pm Mountain

1pm-2pm Central

2pm-3pm Eastern


  • Includes the newest revisions to the HAFA Program
  • The HAFA short sale process from beginning to end
  • What loans are subject to the new program
  • How the servicers will evaluate the loans for HAFA eligibility
  • What investor guidelines still apply to HAFA short sales
  • When the servicer will order the BPO/Appraisal for HAFA
  • Mandatory clauses that must be included in all listing and purchase agreements
  • The expanded “Arms Length Transaction” rules for HAFA
  • The new mandatory holding period after a HAFA short sale closes before a property can be resold (anti-flipping rule)
  • When the seller may have to make monthly payments during a HAFA listing
  • When and under what circumstances a servicer can terminate a HAFA short sale agreement
  • What minimum documents and information you must submit to the servicer in a HAFA short sale package
  • The time limits for approving HAFA short sale listings and offers
  • How much time you will have to list the property
  • When a foreclosure sale will be suspended and for how long
  • When a servicer must accept a short sale offer
  • The new incentive compensation for 1sts, 2nds, servicers and borrowers
  • The HAFA rules for real estate commissions
  • The contents of the new HAFA short sale forms
  • The SSA form
  • The RASS form
  • The Alternative RASS form


Don’t miss out on this one of a kind training with Attorney Lance Churchill!

Mr. Churchill has been an attorney for over 30 years. His law firm practiced primarily in the areas of real estate law, business law and asset protection. During his legal career, his law firm served as a foreclosure trustee representing dozens of lenders and servicers. He has also represented hundreds of property investors and has been personally involved in hundreds of real estate and business transactions.

In 2000, Mr. Churchill created Frontline Seminars, LLC with the goal to educate real estate professionals and investors in all aspects of real estate. He has authored publications about real estate law, distressed real estate, creative real estate techniques, short sales and asset protection and tax strategies for real estate professionals.

Since its founding, Frontline Seminars has presented courses to over 10,000 real estate agents and investors. Mr. Churchill has written articles, been interviewed by, and been cited as an expert on Foreclosures, and Short Sales, by N.A.R. (National Association of Realtors®), C.A.R. (California Association of Realtors®), Realtor Magazine, Realtor Online, The New York Times, Fox News, among others.

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  1. Would like to be in the webinar,but need to know a Central Standard Time for the webinar!! Brian 214-803-3900

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