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If you attended yesterday’s Tech Time Tuesday call, you’ve already heard about our new Full Map Search page on the Help-U-Sell-provided broker websites. We have upgraded the previous version of this map search feature to include a much larger map, a toggle button to go between map view and list view and other search options.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate full-featured map search
Help-U-Sell Estate full-featured map search

Viewers can find out about individual properties by clicking on a house icon. A popup bubble will appear with a photo of the property, as well as information, such as the address, number of bedrooms and asking price. The search can be refined directly from the map page to narrow down the results in categories like property type and foreclosures. The city can be changed right from the map screen, as well.

As of now, visitors can choose a satellite view of the map or a hybrid version. We are looking into adding a street view.

If you would like to promote the new full-featured map search on your site, you can place one of two new banners on your home page.

Map banner
Map banner

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