New Holiday Promotional Items

Help-U-Sell Welcome Home Cookbook
The updated edition of the Help-U-Sell Welcome Home Cookbook contains 12 new recipes.

How are you staying in touch with your CIs (Centers of Influence) this holiday season? We have worked with Alexander’s Print Advantage to create updated and new promotional pieces for our Help-U-Sell Real Estate franchisees. All items are on Alexander’s site now or will be available within the next few weeks.

    * Cookbooks. The updated Welcome Home cookbook contains 12 new recipes. [Note: The new cookbooks are not on the site yet, but you can still purchase the first edition.]
    * Holiday cards. You can order this year’s holiday cards in quantities as few as 25 and up to 200.
    * Thank-you cards. In addition to the branded note cards already available from Alexander’s, you can now order thank-you cards to express your gratitude for a referral, a testimonial, or simply for being a great client.
    * Calendar magnets. A request at this year’s Success Summit led to the design and creation of magnets with 2014 calendars and customizable contact information. Your CIs will see your office name every day of the year!

What is your favorite or most effective way of staying in touch with your clients and CIs during the holidays?

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